Last Snow Day

by snuggerson


It’s fitting that we made our decision today.

It’s March in Minnesota and the snow is coming down hard – schools are closed, highways are white-washed and I’m bundled on the couch, “working from home”. It’s quiet, peaceful, calm – perfect for contemplation.

The final tidbits of information about the Hawaii move arrived in our inboxes this morning. It’s snowy, and I’ll miss that. Because we are doing it.

We are moving to Hawaii.

It’s hard for me to admit out loud. Seven months of research, meetings, pro/con lists and coffee dates (thank you to our supportive loved ones) should have prepared me, but it didn’t.

Holy shit. We have so much to do.

But today I’m ignoring all of the implications of this major life decision and burrowing deeper into the couch. I’m going to miss sweaters and crisp air and boots and down comforters.