Blog Feature: My Blue Boyfriend

by snuggerson

I would like to introduce you to my dear friend Kelley, author/blogger over at

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 8.51.26 AM

Kelley and I have been friends since our overall-and-toe-socks-wearing, brace-face, pre-teen years. In fact, that awkward green shoulder in her blog photo happens to be my awkward green shoulder (see above, but disregard the Instagram blur and my eight chins). Kel will have you believe that she is just as awkward today as she was then (in reality, she’s an adorable, successful, smart, independent woman with a bajillion friends who just happens to to have a killer sense of humor). Read her blog. It’s hilarious.

And in honor of my funny friend, I give you, my morning:

Woke up late, threw my watch in the garbage, had an unsuccessful battle with a cowlick (currently telling my coworkers that, “This center part is intentional and totally in right now. I SWEAR!”), got in a fender-bender with a guy whose vanity plate reads “DA BEAV” and accidentally sent this text, complete with emojis, to the president of my company:


Enjoy a slice after all of your hard work. Nice cover up, Sam.

On that note, DO enjoy some pie today.

Update: I enjoyed 3 slices of pie today.